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It’s Not Too Late Baby, a Kundalini Love Story, is a memoir/love story I decided to write to accompany my original eclectic album, Keep You Forever.

I popped up after “relaxation” in a Kundalini Yoga class one day and decided there has to be a book sold with the album. I thought, “Who, my age, releases just an album? How is that going to work? It’s got to be more of a movement”.

Originally I was going to have one chapter for each song, but my editor, Cathy Donnelly, encouraged me to write a memoir. It’s not that easy to write a book, when you’re not a writer, or even a former English major. I had a lot of help from Mom’s bff, Susan Stark! Susan has an incomparable vocabulary and is wonderful at forming sentences. She also has a remarkable memory for facts and detail. Her generous help was invaluable.

Cathy acted as writing coach, leaving me notes of what she needed to hear more of in each chapter or even instructed me to write new chapters on the important people in the story. Cathy also acted as therapist, helping me realize my patterns, and grow emotionally. I read several books she recommended like Co-Dependent No More, by Melody Beattie, and The Dance of Anger, by Harriet Lerner, and of course The Art of Memoir, by Mary Karr.

It’s Not Too Late Baby begins with the big reveal, takes the reader back in time to my childhood for two chapters, then back to the present. This pattern continues throughout the book, teasing out the story of how we put our marriage back together and how I grew into a less co-dependent, less angry, and more spiritually evolved person. I had no idea what would happen if I chose forgiveness over divorce. I didn’t expect to I find the true meaning of love at the end of the rainbow. It’s an awesome feeling to embrace every part of a person, the good, bad and ugly. I found love when I made that difficult choice.
I had seen Carole King’s musical Beautiful on Broadway a month before I found out what was going on behind my back. It was so ironic that as I was in the audience my real life was mimicking the plot of the show. Just check out the parallels of Carole King and me: Singer/songwriter – check
Sweet and kind – check
Marries a musician – check
He cheats on her – check
She forgives him – check
He cheats on her again – check
She writes an entire album of music – check
She leaves him – NO!!

This is where I chose to have a very different ending. Instead of divorce I decided to give him another second chance.

Kundalini Yoga helped us change habits and patterns, enabling us to move rapidly towards a better relationship. Self-help books are life altering, but I needed a practice like Kundalini to expedite my transformation. I wound up doing the Level I Teacher Training towards the end of writing! We continue to attend classes twice a week together.

I hope you enjoy the memoir and find it inspiring, even if you are not facing the same difficulties. We all have a different story. Remember,

“Don’t underestimate
The strength inside you”
Eva G Kane

Order of Chapters

1 1st Day of 2nd Part of My Life
2 Julian and My Earliest Memories
3 Sister and Grandpa Charlie
4 Suck it Up and Swipe
5 Early New Jersey and Grandpa Rocco
6 Anthony
7 Another Lie
8 Mom
9 Neighborhood
10 Mothers’ Day
11 Daddy
12 Ballet
13 Florida
14 Mom and Dad Divorce
15 In Search of a New Family
16 Getting a Real Job
17 The Memorial Service in Montreal
18 Adam and Me, Part 1
19 Six Day War
20 The Phone Call
21 Living with Adam
22 Adam and Me, Part 2 – Return to the Island
23 The Conversation
24 The Aftermath and Baby Charles
25 Parenting
26 The Summer of Uncertainty
27 Kundalini Yoga
28 The Whale
29 My Ella, Myself and Signs
30 Patterns and Habits
31 Penultimate
32 Cracking Grace and the End

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