Eva G Kane is a singer/songwriter turned author and Level 1 Certified Kundalini Yoga instructor.


Eva graduated from NYU School of the Arts with a BFA in Acting through the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute, a long time ago, and has been singing professionally in the Tri-State area even longer!


Her original pop album, KEEP YOU FOREVER, produced by Mark Ambrosino, is an eclectic mix of all her favorite types of music, filled with hope, cries of pain and heartfelt reality.


Eva’s memoir delves into how she survived a near head on collision in her 24-year marriage. Her story is witty, honest and during the uncertainty of forgiveness, has developed into her own romance novel! IT’S NOT TOO LATE BABY, a Kundalini Love Story will be sold with her CD.


If you liked Eat Pray Love, The Love Warrior and how Ana freed Christian in the Fifty Shades trilogy, you will love Eva’s story!


In addition to the album and book Eva has produced several YouTube videos covering topics like Finding Love Again, How to Break Habits, and How to Cure Punisher/Victim/Sufferer Syndrome.


As a child of divorce, Eva was determined to find another way forward for her and her son. For the last three years her marriage has been thriving as she and her husband now practice Kundalini Yoga together twice a week.


Eva found the true meaning of love through her brave choice to forgive and transform into a more aware and spiritually evolved person, friend, sister, wife and mother.


“I want to show people

there is another way,

other than divorce.”


“You are a very inspiring woman. I quit smoking because of your videos.,” the young man who filmed the videos informed me a few days after the shoot.


“I was thrilled beyond belief. I’m very against smoking, since it assuages grief held in the lungs.


People should strive to be a little more honest. We are all human, we all have secrets, and we all make mistakes”.


Charging headlong into healing her own grief, getting her husband on a more positive trajectory and saving her son from a broken home, Eva used several methods at once.


One of them was practicing Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan.


“It works on your nervous system and helped me get off of the anxiety meds I was taking for a year. It helps you move your energy through the chakras, away from fear and into a more positive and infinite mindset.” EGK


This site offers the steps she and her husband took towards overcoming marital infidelity, only to reach a new level of loving, spiritual connection.


Eva was a guest on Olga’s Secret E-Mag.  https://blog.olgassecret.com.


Eva hosted an internet radio show on WLINY for a few months.

Guest, Jillian Eisenberg, Zumba Instructor, Makeup Artist, Pampered Chef Executive. https://www.facebook.com/jillian.eisenberggrant



Guest, Theresa Banks, owner of Kundalini Yoga of Long Island https://kundaliniyogali.com


Eva G Kane is Every Woman and this writer’s pen name. It is her hope to inspire others with her story that it’s not too late for, well, a lot of things!




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