The Memoir & CD that will inspire you and possibly save your marriage.

An amazing approach to dealing with infidelity, poor communication, a marriage that is broken.

This is a must read!

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Readers will not be able to resist connecting to Eva’s honest story. This brave and witty book is both inspiring and liberating.


Eva’s story starts with a bang, then takes you back and forth through a life filled with music, family and love.
Her inspiring struggle with  betrayal, forgiveness and personal transformation will keep you reading from cover to cover!

“I kept expecting apologies accompanied by hearts and flowers!  Love came back strong when I changed my own old habits.  Kundalini Yoga helped me get there”.  EGK


“This is the music of my life”
Writing this album kept me hopeful while healing from both a broken heart and a damaged ego.
There are songs of celebration, pain, hope and joy in varying genres!


My inspiration comes from knowing so many children with divorced parents.
I felt that if I told my story I could offer couples, young and old, another option.
I think a lot of people don’t realize how strong they truly are inside and they run away from the chance to grow. I am from a divorced home and couldn’t put my son or myself through that ordeal.  I had to find another way.
Even though I was in a long marriage, it is only recently that I understand the meaning of love. Love means a lot of different things to people, but for me, personally, this is a miracle.

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