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A mostly original, eclectic music album,
encompassing musical styles from my life.

Strength Inside You – a big, loud and proud explosion.
This is what it feels like when you get so much more than you expected!
Written by Eva G Kane

Julian – This ballad is about our housekeeper’s singing, guitar playing, smiling husband. Julian and his music are my very first memories!
Written by Eva G Kane

Ain’t I Clever – A slightly groovy, slightly jazzy, proud song of being able to stay and make things all better for everyone.
Written by Eva G Kane

Only Time Will Tell – A ballad in ¾ time I wrote instead of throwing myself out the window. Determined to not get divorced, I had no idea what would happen if I hung in there.
Written by Eva G Kane

Best in Me – This is my angry, country/pop song. Everyone is entitled to one angry song, and I cleaned it up a lot!
Written by Eva G Kane

Let Us Break Bread Together – A traditional Spiritual Hymn and my absolute favorite from the Episcopalian Hymnal. I prayed a lot for mercy during the tough times.
Spiritual Hymn

Walkin’ Shoes – A throwback 60’s jam I wrote while working through compassion and forgiveness. People use those two terms flippantly, but they’re big, and we all need them so desperately!
Written by Eva G Kane

La Di Da – This is the heaviest ballad on the album and an honest account of just how distant we had become. I felt resigned at this point, that nothing was ever going to get better! HA!!! I was wrong!!!!
Written by Eva G Kane
World’s Most Beautiful Man – I was born too late because this 1940’s style of music has to be my favorite style to sing! I wrote this in an attempt to cheer up my husband and let him know how much he was adored.
Written by Eva G Kane

(We Can’t Be) That Far From Love – Another ¾ ballad with cries of pain, a vocal “guitar” solo, so to speak. There’s a thin line between love and hate. If you are so mad at someone, you can’t be that far away from love. I wanted to put my time, energy and money into working towards love, connection and forgiveness.
Written by Eva G Kane

Keep You Forever – Another big, loud dance song. A joyful celebration, using a phrase I often use, (unlike La-Di-Da)! I would always ask Adam “Can I keep you forever?”. It’s not often that Opera and House Music are found in the same song, but the eight measures from Madame Butterfly’s Un Bel Di, (G Puccini), are a tribute to my parents, who loved opera and especially to my mother whose rendition of Un Bel Di at a talent show won us our first colored television set for the Big Den in the 1960’s.
Written by Eva G Kane

Long Time Sun – This is our closing Kundalini Yoga song. This is Adam home with us every night. This is our new beginning. Sat Nam. Wahe Guru!
Written by Snatam Kaur

This Album is dedicated to, and in memory of Julian and Leona Canty from Elizabeth City, North Carolina. Thank you for my first memory and for watching over me ever since!
Special Thanks to:
Jim Carson – voice teacher Guru who broke all my bad vocal habits and gave me the tools I needed to pursue three musical careers. Without your teaching Adam probably would never had come to sit and talk for a while!
Joan Durr – who insisted I write music to get through the toughest times! Thank you for believing in me and encouraging me every step of the way, Joan.
Mark Ambrosino – I came to you with a bunch of songs in my head and you brought them all to life with beauty, style and perfection! Thank you for your guidance and vision. Thanks for always listening and letting me bring the dogs to the studio.
Adam Kane – Thank you, sweetheart for being my partner to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, from this life into the next. Thank you for helping put us back together again. I love you and, as always, I want to keep you forever.

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